September 22, 2023

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9-5 Is Dead, Divorce Your BOSS

They say the 9 -5 is dead, people all over the globe are divorcing their bosses. They are trading in their hard hats, their suits and ties or blouse and skirts for pajamas and an office in the back room of their home. So what is the cause of this modern-day 9-5 job, well to start with the economy has gone to crap with each passing President we are promised more jobs and higher pay but that just doesn’t seem to be the case and if the minimum wage goes up the cost of living goes up even higher, it always seems as though inflation and taxes seem to go up at the very same time especially in the poorer areas. Just think about it minimum wage goes up but now your rent just went up as well, so the extra money you thought you were going to have you no longer can count on because it all has to go to the new rent increase. Wrap this around your brain for a moment if you will, ” the cost for a can of tuna fish has just gone up by $0.30 however the can has gotten smaller meaning now you get less tuna out of the can, there for you now have to buy double the amount of tuna fish you would have normally bought just to make up the difference and still get the same amount of tuna you are used to getting” You see how it all plays out no matter what you do you never seem to get ahead especially not with a 9 to 5 gig. Employees never get rich only the employer that’s how it’s all set up you are the laborer or the worker bee the employee is there to set up the foundation or system for you to work and then a supervisor is hired to watch over you and make sure you do the work correctly. Why even if you were to get a good raise in your job the more money you make the higher the taxes they deduct from your check so again you never really seem to get ahead or to get over getting over almost seems impossible. The millennials seem to have the right idea they’re saying “to heck with school” who needs a diploma or degree when all I have to do is learn SEO and get an Ad Words account. Have you seen YouTube lately why some of these youngsters have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and are ranking number one in affiliate marketing most of them haven’t even seen their 21st birthday yet? After the World Trade Center bombing half of New York was left out of work and terrified to go anywhere into the city to look for work for fear of another attack. When unemployment shutdown and stop delivering checks people all over the globe found themselves having to reinvent the wheel and come up with new means of making income. As a native New Yorker, I too found myself asking that same question” what am I going to do now? there are no jobs, I have bills to pay! Street vendors are very common and popular on the streets of New York City so I got into that bracket, it was good for Several years, I was able to keep the bills paid and occasionally treat myself to nice things but then came time for me to sign a new lease and my rent went up, now being a street vendor wasn’t looking so appealing. I refuse to go and get a regular 9 to 5 because at the time the minimum wage in New York was only about $8.25 an hour, and that wasn’t going to cut it my rent alone was $975 a month that didn’t include utilities I had a cable bill, cell phone bill, and personal needs so I needed something that would allow me to pay for all of this and still be able to maintain my own personal lifestyle. One day while riding on the train I found a business card lying on the seat it read ” Be Your Own Boss” and had a web address underneath that was it “nothing else”, on the card, but I got home that night I looked up that address on my tablet. That’s when it all changed for me, my whole world changed I had never even heard of “Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing” or anything like that for that matter. It seems so simple a simple copy-and-paste system and I could make countless amounts of money, over and over again, and the cool thing about it was that I could do this work whenever I wanted to. So I signed up the company’s name was zip nada zilch they’re no longer around but I did get a pretty good run with this company and it taught me a whole lot about the internet and affiliate marketing and I’ve been doing that ever since. I even put a few of my friends and family members on to it and they couldn’t be happier with their lives. Although that company is no longer around I am still an affiliate marketer and I work with a multitude of online systems one of the easiest systems I work with is DLI, it’s a simple processing system but it really pays and I’ve been using it now for around 4 years the system even has some pretty cool perks that allow me to get discounts on movie tickets shows dinners and all types of events including traveling which I really love and so does my family. So now I see just why so many people are trading in their suits & ties or blouse & skirts for pajamas and bedroom slippers for an office in the Attic or the back room of their home (even the kitchen table). Although breaking into the internet marketing business is no walk in the park it does take hard work perseverance and dedication there are thousands of people who have spent thousands of dollars trying to make it in this business only to fail and lose all their money, this is why I like to tell my people “don’t look for a Genie in a Bottle” because there is no Genie in a Bottle you must put in the work that includes SEO, email marketing and gaining traffic, those are just a few strategies. That’s why I love this system and have been with this system all these years because it does not require one to know all of that at least not in order to make money. Because Google is forever changing things around, I am constantly having to brush up on my skills. So is the 9 to 5 dead well of course not companies will always need laborers. But if you could take the same dedication it takes to get up every morning, go to work punch a clock (only to make someone else rich) and learn strategies like search engine optimization and make triple (or more) the minimum wage in an hour wouldn’t you trade in that 9 to 5 and divorce your boss!