September 22, 2023

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Beware: The Dangers Of Minimizing The Balance Of Power

In the last two years, the public has experienced many distractions, misstatements, political spin, accusations, and continuous suspicions about, the accuracy and propriety of our electoral (voting) systems. While, all, this, has occurred, many may have taken their eyes – off – the – target, and, either ignored, minimized, or paid insufficient attention, to a major, potential, clear and present danger! The United States Constitution was built around the concept, of the necessity of, a balance of power, with three, co – equal branches of government, to ensure, protection against, any one entity, having too much power! We need these balances, so, no individual, or small group of people, might possess, too much authority, control, and/ or, power. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why these protections are significant, and we need to, consistently, protect them.

1. Packing the Courts: Supposedly, there are 2 houses, of Congress, to ensure maximum protections, and fairness, to all. However, since America, is actually, a democratic republic, rather than a democracy, our electoral system, which was created to make certain, no geographic area, had too much power, has done, the opposite, and, today, states with extremely small populations, have disproportionately, more power. Since, every state gets 2 Senators, states with the smallest populations (such as Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, etc), may have one Senator, per, well – under a million people, when a state, such as California, receives one, per, over 15 million individuals. We have witnessed, what appears to be, an attempt, at significantly, stacking – the – courts, to make them far more conservative, and since, the Republicans, have controlled this house of Congress, and the Senate, solely, votes on choices, for judges, including the Supreme Court, we may be witnessing, an overt attempt, to eliminate rights, which are not highly regarded, by the political – right, such as a Woman’s Right To Choose, civil and immigration rights, and other rights, and freedoms, which have been considered, the law, of the land, for decades. Shouldn’t a position, such as a life appointment, to certain judicial positions, be based on legal knowledge, and expertise, rather than being, politically, partisan, and stacked?

2. Congressional investigations: For two years, the Republican Party, had the majority, both, in the Senate, and the House of Representatives. To many, it appeared, certain individuals, with authority/ power, attempted to ensure, these, would be, anything. but complete, and thorough. How can Congress do its job, until/ unless, certain duties are performed, in a bi – partisan, and/ or, non – partisan manner?

3. The Wall, Shutdown, and Emergency Powers: Nearly, every day, President Trump, makes some proclamation, about the dangers of immigration, and the need for a southern wall. Most believe, he preferred, the 35 – day, partial government shutdown, to losing the political support of his core supporters. When Congress agreed to a bipartisan set of legislation, which would fund the government, and address, additional border security (but, not, a Wall), Mr. Trump, signed the law, but, simultaneously, announced, he would declare a National Emergency, to achieve his objectives. Whether one agrees with the intent, or not, these emergencies, have, historically, never been used, to get around Congressional legislation, which a President, doesn’t like! If we permit this work – around, we risk, permanently, having a government, for the people, of the people, and focused on freedoms, liberties, and justice, for all. However, even worse, the concept of a Separation of Powers, will be permanently destroyed!

Wake up, America, and protect, all our rights and protections, whether you personally support them, in order, to create, the best approaches, for the common good! Without the Separation of Powers (balance), we risk, losing, what has, truly, made America, great!