September 21, 2023

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Christianity Was the Invention of Roman Emperor Constantine

While Hollywood grips the imagination with tales of Christ and the suffering of Christians these things are pure fiction. The facts are that Constantine invented Jesus Christ, as proclaimed in Revelation 13:13. He forced all to worship the image he put up of a so-called Saviour that was designed to fulfill his goal of adding credibility to the religion he established. As there never was such a being then Christianity, likewise, began only after the Catholic Church that he established at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

His motivation in founding this religion was to provide him with a reliable parliament to oversee the masses throughout the empire. As the region comprised peoples of all types, faiths and languages it had become somewhat unruly prior to his rise to the purple. With a uniform religion and its laws forbidding the worship of other gods he was guided by his ambition for complete and utter sole rule.

He is identified in Revelation 13 as the one bearing the number 666 who put up the image of the beast who had the wound by a sword and did live. Few would recognise Jesus Christ as a beast but it has been responsible for wars; inquisitions; terrorism; poverty; and the strongest establishment, outside of governments, in the world. Its branches are many and it has marched into every country through the missionaries who impose worship of its beast over the people.

People are sheep and they are led by leaders who teach them tales of great things and who can promise them eternal bliss after death. This encourages people into acts of terror against those they see as a threat to their beliefs. Behind the wall of religious mysteries lies the conspiracy that was born of Constantine and the Roman cohorts who implemented his will and who still rule with the same degree of violence and persecution.

This Emperor had blood on his hands long before he put up the foundation of Christianity. He had ridden over the bodies of thousands, the last being that of his eldest son, Crispus, to achieve his goals. He lied and connived and among the dead were other relatives who may have challenged his position. Could anything this man did, therefore, be credible?

Following in his footsteps Jerome published the first bible at the end of the 4th Century. It contained the New Testament which he had partly written because it contains church laws and other markers. The aim was to bury the promises of God along with the claim in Isaiah 45 that there is only one and no other gods beside. In those promises the action of Constantine is portrayed.

Christianity, therefore, could not and did not exist prior to the establishment of the religion and the creature that many consider the Son of God.