December 8, 2023

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Concepts In Construction – System Building

This can also be termed as modular building. This refers to a form of building whereby a similar form of construction is adopted, usually by creating standard sizes of elements, thus remaining with the task of just creating multiples of the said modular element. The following are common elements adopted for this form of construction.

· Formwork: this refers to the mould into which concrete is poured and cured to provide the desired size and shape. Formwork can either be made of wood, steel, aluminium or PVC among other such items. In system building, a standard size of formwork is adopted, thus requiring similar sizes and forms of concrete elements in construction. This is especially easily achieve for elements like soffit formwork and beam and column formwork. Formwork props are also easily standardized to some extent where floor heights are more or less similar.

· Doors and windows: standard openings will call for standard windows, thus making it easy as well as consistent the process of their construction.

· Wall panels: For prefabricated buildings, it is usually easier to have a similar design for many units.

System building ensures similarity or near similarity of construction work, whether in small projects or big ones. This similarity leads to repetitive work, which gives the following benefits;

· Economies of scale: Due to the repetitive nature of the work at hand, there arises economies of large scale production.

· Economies in operation: due to the benefit of doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes easier to follow and even make more per unit time.

· Enhancing Quality: When something is done for a long time, people will understand it better and as such will be easier for them to achieve the desired quality of work.

System building can only be achieved in a well coordinated development scenario and where designers (architects and engineers) work hand in hand to see to this goal. Architectural associations have been working hard to absorb such technologies in their practice. It is important to seek the available opportunities and to pursue all the possible avenues in a bid to hit these goals. It is also important to ensure that all the stakeholders are well informed about system building together with all the benefits that are possible with it. Like for the case of formwork, it is important to go for durable material to ensure that the benefits of this technology due to repetitive work.