September 22, 2023

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Festivals And Celebrations Foster Peace

Celebrations of festivals and achievements always bring the pomp and cheers to all people. Life without celebration is unimaginable and boring also; Because celebration makes people mingle and exchange ideas and experiences. In the process, the stains of strained relationships and mistrust are dissolved whilst the seeds of mutualism and coexistence are sown. The most beneficial outcome of such celebrations is the peace.

Peace has become a way of life and culture in India the seat of the world’s oldest faith Hinduism. This religion provides opportunities in countless ways to hold celebrations and festivities throughout the year. Diwali is the only festival of India when everybody irrespective of the religion, nationality, and culture feels the spirit of oneness. It’s the occasion for nurturing and strengthening the bonds of love and friendship. During the festivals, people visit the places of worship, conduct prayers, meet the friends and relatives, and share the latest developments happening around.

Special occasions also make the people celebrate and greet each other. Personal celebrations arise when one gets married or turns a parent or grandparent, or when a person gets a job or promotion, or when a person goes on a Bon voyage, or when buying a new house, or such remarkable moments of life. During the celebrations, the relatives, friends, and neighbors are invited to share the joy and happiness. Gifts and return gifts are given to mark the celebration. Community festivals and gatherings offer the opportunity to celebrate at the society level. The classic examples are the Harvest festival, Independence Day, New Year Day, and Kumbhmela. May Day is the only occasion that unites the working people all over the world.

The festivals and celebrations do provide opportunities to the people irrespective of their social, economic and religious backgrounds to realize the happiness of being one family. Realistic and voluntary association of souls alone produce morality, compassion, and harmony among the people. Unity and freedom cannot be achieved through sheer force or compulsion, but with love and care. This is what all faiths prescribe also. Culture is the result of co-mingling of the hearts and heads.

Festivals also serve as the source of prosperity. The fireworks, dolls, flowers, and several other goods and services used during the celebrations generate gainful employment to millions of people residing in different countries. The trade and commerce market their merchandise by sponsoring the events. Persons with good talents and skills stand to benefit from the competitions and fairs organized during the festivals. Thanks to the festivals and carnivals, many leading actors, models, singers, dancers, and TV hosts came to the limelight.