September 21, 2023

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Freemason Beliefs: What Do Masons Believe?

Freemasonic Beliefs and Philosophy

Mason’s are taught that man can become self-educated to the point of enlightenment. Also known as ‘illumination’ the new initiate must rise through the 33 degrees of (Scottish Rite) Freemasonry. Each Masonic degree reveals more secret mystical knowledge than the last. They use symbols to convey meaning through analogy.

Freemasons believe in a brotherhood among men, who all come under the sovereignty of a supreme creator. That said they do not associate themselves with any one denomination or particular religious system. While they claim to be nothing more than a fraternal order which encourages philanthropy, their history of intrigue, conspiracy, murder, the evidence of their involvement in the overthrowing of Governments and their banishment from certain countries all scream of a deeper truth needing to be revealed.

Freemasons believe in three main principles: 1) Brotherly love, 2) Relief, 3) Truth.

What is the truth about Freemasonic beliefs?

One of the most basic and obvious of the Freemason’s beliefs is the concept of dualism. Dualism is the belief that the universe is made up of opposites; man and woman, ying and yang, black and white, good and evil, but that these opposites, while sharing obvious differences, are equal to each other. Freemason’s are taught to believe that opposites like good and evil are complimentary or co-dependent forces.

To put it another way, we know what is good only in contrast to what is evil, we know what is black only in contrast to what is white. But dualism goes one step further and teaches that the relationship between these opposites is secondary to the unitary or complimentary nature they share. The result of this can lead to the belief that evil acts are necessary to add emphasis to good acts or that the ‘end justifies the means’.

Do Freemason’s Believe In God?

In one word, yes (on the surface at least) this is one way that membership is justified to men of all faiths in the spirit of brotherhood. The one requirement for membership (besides being male!) is the belief in a supreme creator, they care not what form that creator takes. From this initial acceptance of a ‘supreme creator’, the Mason is trained and educated towards an understanding of the nature of the creator in the eyes of the Freemason.

The ‘all seeing eye’ is used to symbolise the eye of god who see’s all things in the universe. This symbol will always be found about the door of the Great Hall of any Freemason Lodge and looks down over the Grandmaster and gathering of Mason’s. Freemasons are taught that through knowledge they will become enlightened to the truth and become god-like themselves. There are Freemasons who are also devoutly members of their own respective religions and don’t see any in-compatibility.


There has been much speculation about what the Freemason’s really believe and over the years a lot of truth has been mixed with lies and disinformation. The true beliefs of the high up Freemasons can be discovered, and have been revealed by ex-members and diligent researchers, many of whom were murdered or disappeared in the process. Websites have been known to shut down over night without explanation. It seems that whatever the Mason’s really believe, some people do not want to truth getting out.