September 21, 2023

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Here’s How Construction Staffing Services Lower Your Employment Costs

Does the rising cost of construction materials and diesel fuel have you looking for ways to cut your project costs? When it comes to the construction industry, spending more doesn’t necessarily mean producing more. Many contractors are searching for ways to cut costs. One solution to lowering your costs is with construction staffing services from a reputable agency. With many staffing offices around the country, they can help project managers nationwide.

The agency that you team up with should partner with your current workforce and develop a staffing strategy that will help you enhance your bottom line.

Here’s how construction staffing services lower your employment costs:

– Temporary employees cost less than hiring full-time employees. Supplement your core staff during seasonal peak or busy time periods with a team of skilled labor professionals. While costing you less in fixed expenses, you will not have to worry about full-time benefits when you partner with a trusted agency to provide you with temporary labor. This can also limit the amount of overtime you pay your full-time employees. You will reduce overtime costs by supplementing temporary skilled workers to work a limited amount of time, without paying your full-time staff to work overtime.

– Another service provided is that all of your skilled tradesmen are supplied benefits, which means you are not responsible for paying any benefits to your staff. This includes health insurance and paid-time off. Also, all the paperwork and pertinent information is maintained by the management system, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

– An agency can meet your demands quickly. You can rely on the agency to provide a dedicated skilled craftsman fast. What is especially nice about these services is that employees are hired specifically for their skill sets and require no special training before joining your team. And with the unpredictability of employee absences or downtime, vast databases of reliable, dedicated skilled workers eliminates the time and hassle associated with interviewing, and screening candidates and your needs are met the moment you call.

– Staffing services end the concern of an unemployment claim. Unemployment claims are the responsibility of the agency and not you.

– Skilled workers provided by a temporary employment agency are the responsibility of the agency, so you will never have to worry about being bothered by claims. You also save money by not paying for the cost involved to cover the worker’s comp insurance.

Look for a construction staffing agency with an outstanding reputation, one that understands how important it is to select the finest candidates to provide clients with the highest qualified skilled labor in the industry.