September 21, 2023

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How Can A Man Win Custody Of His Child?

Divorces in our societies are usual events that cannot be avoided. Divorces emanate from unsettled misunderstanding of couples, incompatibilities, adultery and the list is endless which pave the way to separations, legal battles and divorces. The results are broken families and the parents getting into court battles who will have the custody of their child or children.

The bad news, however, is most often our child custody laws are seen to be always laying its side in favor of the mother. This is because the justice system in general recognizes that women are more equipped with instincts in providing care and emotional development to their offspring regardless of their financial capacities to sustain the children’s physical growth and mental development. But today, our family laws become more flexible and with the right weaponry and a good attorney, a man can still win the custody of his child depending on how he presents his case in the court.

The States and Child Custody Laws

Most states now recognize that fathers and mothers should be given equal opportunities to prove themselves worthy of having the child. Although in practice, the woman is always the favored one, winning the custody in favor of the man depends on how good the man’s child custody attorney can be able to present the case in the court and prove 100 percent that the man deserves the custody. The father, therefore, should seek an attorney who has won cases of father’s custody or else, the father may end up preparing for a child support agreement and lose his custody to his child and he will be lucky if he will be given visitation rights.

How can a man win custody of his child is a serious question and involves too many preparations and a long day in court with the proceedings. According to the Bureau of Census, in 2002, only 15 percent of men who fought for child custody won their case. A small percentage but still, winning is very much possible. To help men out, it is therefore required that men should have everything ready before their custody case will be presented into the court and advises of the child custody attorney is really necessary.

Here are some proven ways on what the father should prepare to make the court recognize his rights in having his child in his custody.

Things the Father Should Do To Win Child Custody

1. First thing first, get a good family law attorney who has a good track record of winning father’s child custody. The lawyer must be adept with the state laws because states have different family laws. You can seek references from friends in looking for good lawyers and meet each lawyer and see which one could effectively help you.

2. You must maintain a good record. Records can be of great help in proving you as a responsible, financially stable and mentally stable father. So better keep all your written correspondence, letters and emails, payment records, voice messages and even text messages intact. Complete records are great basis for custody cases.

3. Put your finances in proper order. Money is what you need in paying for the court costs including your child custody attorney’s fee. You will also need to prove to the court of your financial capability in providing basic necessities to your child and these include food, clothing, shelter and education.

4. Plan how to balance your work schedule. The court will not only recognize your capability in providing good life to your child but how you can spend quality and quantity time with him or her. You can also ask for a character letter for child custody from your neighbors, teachers of the child and so on. This will support your case to show that you are a good father capable of raising your child in perfect home environment.

5. Don’t cut your communication with the mother of your child. It may seem that you are at war with the mother of your kid with the custody case but with an agreeable settlement, you can save lots of time, money and unnecessary emotions that can even rattle your custody agreement. If the mother won’t agree with a discussion with you, both of you can talk to your lawyers so they can meet on certain arrangements.

Basically for a man, it is not always an easy road in winning the custody of his child or children. But as we have said, the courts are not biased but only weigh things accordingly and the priority here is always the welfare of the child. So who can have the custody of the child depends on who can present the greatest capacities in raising the child to be a normal and educated individual. Child custody laws are made not to favor the father or the mother but to favor the children so that they can grow with their parents or parent and be guided accordingly and become useful members of their societies.