September 22, 2023

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How to Use the Law of Attraction – Discover Your Inner Strengths

While sitting at home looking through my documentary movies on Netflix, I discovered the movie “The Secret”. At first, I was curious, “Just what in the world is the secret”? I was also ready to be cynical, discount the movie and whatever it stood for. To actually be honest, I had in fact heard about the book and read the reviews on my nook. One of the reviews gave the book one star and the reviewer said buying “the secret” was a waste of time. The reviewer went on to say it was the same as the positive thinking movement that was introduced in the 1950’s. Well this did not stop me from watching the movie; it just made me a little apprehensive.

However, as I watched I began to see myself in the movie, I realized I was a completely negative person and I had this theory that if anything could go wrong in my life that it would. I immediately began to develop an open mind and started to acknowledge that I could use some positive thinking. When the movie was over I felt I had all the tools that were needed to begin my new journey. I felt a new found sense of spiritual awakening.

All of my life I have been a Christian and I have heard the scriptures about “Ask and you shall receive”, “Speak it into existence”, and many more. The problem was I spoke them but doubted them in my mind. Every religion teaches the law of attraction. Every positive speaker speaks about it, but it is only practiced by an elite few.

I started to notice that I really did have the power to change and I noticed subtle changes until, my daughter started to get on my nerves, and my husband said something that made me want to lash out and I looked at my bank account.

That is when I realized that this secret power is probably not too much of a secret, but that it is just plain old hard to follow. When you are faced with life and life’s issues and distractions it is so easy to be derailed from your purpose.

Discovering the law of attraction was easy; applying it to my life proved complicated. I realized that you need to feed your soul with different outlooks and avenues to process this positive way of thinking. Shortly after, I discovered the CDs of the law of attraction and things began to fall in place.

It is so imperative to saturate your mind, body and spirit with positive thinking to fully activate the law of attraction. You’ve got to start today to learn how to use the law of attraction and discover your inner strength.