September 21, 2023

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Incense Cones – The Simple Way to Peace and Healing

Throughout history, burning of incense has been practiced in many religions and cultures in order to purify the air while conducting certain sacred ceremonies or rituals. Incense was and is used in different forms, including sticks and incense cones, to release smoke as well as fragrance into a space. The purpose is to light the incense using a flame and then fanning the flame out so that it smolders. This leaves the glowing ember behind that smokes gradually, releasing the soft fragrance.

The cones of incense are composed of certain aromatic materials that are easy to burn and produce a self-sustained ember. The burning propagates slowly and evenly through the entire piece of incense. The base of the incense is chosen carefully keeping in mind that it should not produce a perceptible smell but is also able to bind the fragrant material together. It can be a combination of powdered wood or charcoal (as fuel for combustion), Arabic gum (as a mixture binder), sodium or potassium nitrate (as oxidizer to sustain burning), and a fragrant material. Another possibility is using natural plant based binders combined with the fragrant material.

The possible combinations for incense cones are virtually endless with the variety of fragrant oils and materials available like sandal, rose, and wild berry. These scents come from essential oils, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and fruits, gums and resins. Some cheaper varieties use chemically enhanced man made scents.

The affects of fragrance smoldering out of the cones are quite magical. It is used in Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies to achieve the purpose of purification and create a divine atmosphere. Today, people also burn them for relaxation and to create a pleasing environment in their homes and offices. It is a popular belief that different fragrances set different moods and are helpful in soothing various emotional problems. Incense cones are also greatly used for meditation purposes, as well as to achieve therapeutic benefits. The incense burning cleanses the atmosphere, calms the mind and reduces tension, stress and even fear. Some other reasons for burning incense is to revitalize and renew one’s energy and to help insomnia.

Many people prefer incense cones over stick ones as they have no wooden core, and burns down completely. Also, cone incense takes up less space than stick incense, and can be burned in smaller spaces more easily. Incense cones are a pleasing addition to any home and provide a more distinctive and longer-lasting fragrance.

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