September 21, 2023

Epic Law

The Law Folks

Move Forward! (Book Review)

Something new, very new is coming your way! One of the things that discourage people from moving forward is when they no longer expect any new thing. Miracles, signs and wonders, answered prayers, divine intervention help to encourage us to move forward in times of difficulty. There are times you need a new order if you must advance. When you talk about a new order, you are talking about changing the present to bring in what has not been heard, seen or existed before. It will upset the existing arrangement. Altering the old and introduce the new. God by – passing the procedure, the rule to favour you. The natural giving way to the supernatural. God sometimes can decide to do things that are very unusual, strange, unnatural, unexpected, unprecedented. Things that would defy any human calculation, imagination or logic. There are things you have given-up on that God will re-open today! He will do this to demonstrate His Sovereignty over the affairs of men and to encourage you. The Scripture is filled with the records of the Almighty introducing new order in different situations of His people.

He told them to break camp. That is to depart from where they were. Get up and take the journey. They must immediately depart. After knowing the will and timing of God in your situation, there won’t be any need to procrastinate. When God says go, it always means that He has gone ahead of you. When He sent Moses to bring out water from the rock, He also told him that He would be there waiting for him. For David, He told him to follow Him into the battle field when he hears the sound of the wind on top of the trees that He has gone ahead of him. Also, look at the four lepers; it was when they moved out that God transformed the sound of their foot-steps to disorganize their enemies. We will come to all these shortly.

There are unseen forces that always come to your aid when you move. So you must get up and start acting upon what God has told you. Take deliberate actions towards it. You must break camp immediately. You must reach out, make that contact, take that exam or write those letters. Make that reconciliation and visit. Move away from that distraction and that negative influence. Get out of that self-condemnation. Get out of that soliloquizing and regrets. Stop weeping. Just move forward for better days are ahead. Break camp! God said you must go and occupy what He has promised you by covenants and oaths. And each time He mentions Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then know that that particular matter has gone beyond the ordinary. His covenants cannot be broken. So, get up and keep moving for you are about breaking forth into rejoicing. This book is in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages