December 8, 2023

Epic Law

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Never Quit, Persistence Is The Way

Persistence attracts opportunity, with those three words, I begin this article. Sure, when you are exasperated, early quitting always sounds good, especially when it all gets “bloody” or hard. When you are tired, some of the greatest successes come after the next wind. I will not say “second wind”, because it sometimes takes multiple streams of persistence to succeed, and not any streams of persistence, and just one try without trying again to genuinely fail.

The greatest quitter in the world is never known, because all quitters quit before they succeed or “make it”. Rest assured, though, the greatest successes in the world are the ultimate seeming “failures in the beginning”. From Gautama Buddha who spent seventy years “going crazy” trying to figure it all out from suffering in the world itself to the “biggest why things in the world” under the Bodhi Tree, to Jesus Christ who “ended” his ministry with assassination by Crucifixion, only to come back in an even better form ultimately, and have one of the greatest mass ministries on Earth bigger than anything else going on Earth. So, what is the greatest persistence in the world? It is one of us if we do not genuinely quit too early.

The only thing that separated Alexander Graham Bell and the rest of the inventors of the telephone, was this, persistence and a simple turn of a screw connecting a wire, also an understanding of vibration and consistency that matched nothing else going. Alexander Graham Bell understood vibration and consistency (knowing it would take a constant and not intermittent current to transmit speech over electrical wires), although it seemed simple, that turn of the screw was the difference between intermittent inconsistency and consistently and productively working, and what stemmed form all of this to full fruition?: Oh, just cell phones, every communication medium on the planet including radio and wireless gadgets like that we use every day. Even though Lewis Latimer really invented, drew and patented the light bulb, and not Edison technically, I genuinely give credit where credit is due and warranted, whatever the realistic consequences. This is what separates Christianity from the other religions in a sense when Jesus Christ said the simply logical statement: “Render unto Caesar what is the property of Caesar, and render unto God genuinely what is the property of God.” in the New Testament Biblical Books of Matthew and Mark.

My point and synopsis is as follows, then I will end this article: To live in reality whatever the consequences is success. To follow through with a genuine path is success in every way. That is the synopsis. Success is guts, persistence and genuinely good work and little else. That is the point, take what you need from that, and make it work for you. Thank you for reading.