September 21, 2023

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On Heaven, Hell, and the Law of Attraction Energy

On my Squidoo Lens How To Manifest Anything there is an article entitled On Spirituality, Religion, and Creating Our World. In that article I was discussing the teachings of Jesus and how they relate to Manifesting. Now I will continue the discussion, and talk about the concepts of Heaven and Hell, and how they relate to The Law of Attraction Energy.

Let us consider that Jesus’ point was not that we become Christians, then get the prize- which is the Kingdom of Heaven. After all there was no such thing as Christianity at the time, so how could he be discussing that. So instead let us suppose that the point Jesus was making was that we become CHRIST-LIKE. The point was that we follow the light of God within us, as taught by Jesus. (And coincidentally as also taught by Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., and many other great spiritual leaders.) Let us suppose that when we become CHRIST-LIKE, regardless of our religion, we have found eternal life. Because being CHRIST-LIKE, in its highest sense, encompasses our light, and our love, and all that is good and beautiful. And GOD is the life/light/love force in the universe. So he, and we, are eternal.

So to follow this thought further, consider that you can’t get away from the God, because God is within. You can’t snuff your light out. It is impossible, because God cannot die. But you can hide your light under a bush. And you might do this for quite some time. But no matter what you do, the wick is still there, ready to be lit. Now all of us are made in the image and likeness of God, so all of us, like Jesus, have the ability to come back from the dead and take on other forms. (See my other article mentioned above.) And though it may take many lifetimes to light a particular candle- eventually everyone’s will get lit.

Or said another way: Yes it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven. But in GOD’s world- it is easy for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. For God, this is just as easy as walking on water and feeding thousands of people with 7 loaves of bread. So it is easy for a rich man, and for anyone else, to get to heaven because they are in God’s world, and in fact have God within them. So it follows that everyone will get to heaven. It is easy, but Jesus made the good point that hankering for money, and various other vices, all hinder the process.

So then let us discuss ‘judge not that ye be not judged.’ Is there a GOD on high who sends half his children to a burning inferno because of some infraction, or because they did not pay sufficient homage to him? If so, he is unlike any loving father that I know. And in fact this like a pretty archaic idea of GOD- a fear based version that harkens back to the days of sacrificing humans on an alter. No, this is not a divine interpretation of God, but a fear-based, human one. GOD is divine and all-compassionate, so HE does not do that. HE is above such petty meanness. So then who judges all of the various nasty actions and words that humans are prone to?

I put forward that we ourselves, or the God within use, judges us. The God within us- who at some point of resurrection feels and knows our errors and atrocities, is our highest judge. This self-inflicted judgment then becomes a living hell that our loving, peace seeking spirit must somehow wrestle itself out of. Otherwise our spirit will not find peace, or said another way it will not find heaven, it will be in hell.

Can you imagine, for instance, someone like mass-murderer Ted Bundy when he died. Picture him suddenly coming face to face with the spirit of God within him, which he had operated so fully against. Consider that his spirit of God, hidden and dormant in life, came to the forefront when he died. And consider that this God within had full ability to judge his actions- or rather to finally have him see what he did as opposed to the God that is within him. Can you imagine the torture, the torment, and the tearing of his soul? Can you picture the agony, that no outside force needs to administer? There would be no hell, no inferno to match this. For where can a mass murderer find peace?

But I believe that peace does finally come to everyone, some day when we have atoned for our past, and done what is right. Someday peace comes, and heaven comes. And it is not a heaven of ignorance- like the Garden of Eden. But a heaven of knowing and power. It is a heaven where we can say that we have traveled many sordid paths to finally find our God light. And it is good, and we are good. We, like Jesus and GOD, Buddha, and Martin Luther King, are good.

Now many philosophers today say that all the rest- the evil, the meanness, the pain, and the suffering- is all an illusion. It is a bad dream that we will all wake up from some day. Or as Shakespeare, an enlightened soul well beyond his age and time, once said. ‘It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ And I tend to believe that this is true. Everything but love will pass away and we will some day be left with only light and our existence.

So to relate all of this back to the law of attraction energy, in past writings I have said a lot about what causes us to attract the good. I have given you many tools for how to get to that space. So here is one more tool. The concept that we are all peace-bound and working toward heaven, and that we will make it some day, is a positive concept. It includes all people, gives all people grace for imperfection, sets no one above another, and honors a sometimes unseen good in all people. It also scares the heck out of us. We all want to believe that we are above another human being, and we use the fact that we don’t do this or that evil to argue the point. But that very concept of being greater than another person is a force to be opposed. It’s just not true according to any great philosopher or religious teacher that we say we follow. Furthermore it will attract the negative, because it is negative. But living from the point of view that we are all the same, just at various stages of enlightenment, will bring a sort of compassion and love and hope for all of mankind. If we can live there, we will have to attract the good. If we can live there we will, by definition, be living in the “law of attraction energy.”