September 21, 2023

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Self Help Child Custody – 4 Tips to Gain Child Custody With Subliminal Help

Are you facing a child custody battle? Such battles can be very complicated. The court takes several factors into consideration when deciding who to best award with custody of a child. For the best interest of the child, the court will choose the parent who meets the following criteria:

· Financially stable
· Mentally and physically healthy
· Provide a safe environment for the child
· Has a stronger parental bond with the child
· Preferred by the child if the child is older than 12 years old (this is not a major criteria since children are usually expected to choose parents who will be more permissive or less strict)

Now, you have enough time to prepare your case, so make sure you use that time wisely. Preparation can greatly improve your chances. Here are a few tips that should come in handy.

1. Watch out for the blows. Since you are competing with another person, you should expect some blows from the opposition party. The other parent is expected to pinpoint certain sides of your lifestyle and your personality to try and put you in a negative light. No one is perfect, so somewhere along the way, it is normal that you made some mistakes. And the other party can easily take advantage and distort these mistakes to show that you are irresponsible and do not deserve custody.

And remember, once the other party starts giving the blows, don’t be tempted to take out your own guns. Playing the blaming game won’t add any points in your favor. The parent who acts most maturely and reacts more rationally will get extra points for being emotionally and mentally stable throughout the process.

You may view some subliminal videos before going to court; these videos can help clear up your mind and enable you to think and react more sensibly. They can also help boost your confidence and charisma so you can exude a calm and confident aura that may just improve your image in the eyes of the judge.

2. Work out your schedule. Being a parent is not about holding the title of “mother” or “father.” It’s about who really takes time for the child, who has spent more meaningful experiences and bonding times with the child, and who has taken an active participation in the life of the child.

Due to the growing concern for children’s welfare in this society where both parents usually now work, the court also looks more kindly upon the parent who spends more waking time with the child. So before your schedule can be used against you, make sure to work it out before the trial. Spend more time with your child, be involved, and open communication lines.

There are also some subliminal videos that can help develop better time and task management skills.

3. Participate in Parent-Teacher Association. There are extra points for the parent who actively participates in Parent-Teacher Association in the child’s school. Participation shows that the parent has an active interest in the education of the child.

4. Clean up your act. Do you have any bad habits that can be used against you? Whether you want to face the facts or not, your ties with alcohol or drugs can greatly endanger your case, even if you ace all other factors in the criteria. Alcohol or drug habits indicates that there is a chance that the child may be subject to negative influence or alcohol and drug abuse as well.

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