September 21, 2023

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Surrogate Motherhood As Prenatal Adoption

Today, due to advancements in medical science couple, who could not have conceived a child, can have children today. This method differs from adoption in a number of ways. Surrogacy, takes place with the help of embryo implementation a surrogate mother can carry the child; In fact, the child of the surrogate mother can carry the genes of the male member of the family. This helps in giving a sense of belonging to that particular child for the adopting parents, which might not be there for another adopted child.

While, proper care is taken of the surrogate mother the ethical issue of the woman being attached to the child that she has taken care of for nine months in her womb, is to be given away. But as much of a hard to overcome problem it may seem, the fact of the matter is that surrogate mothers do not have any qualms of relinquishing the child. The adopting mothers in fact show more love and care for the child then probably the surrogate mother would have themselves. Studies have shown that surrogate mothers start distancing themselves from the child: they indulge in the practices, that would insure that they are in no way connected to the child they are going to bear.

The surrogate mothers go out of their way to make sure the adopting mother and child come closer. It is a misconception that surrogate mothers are traumatized by the experience. There is a psychological proof that states, as a surrogate mothers feels more powerful after the experience. They are also happy with procedure helping them grow as a person. They believe that surrogacy helped them realize the small things in life also how it affects them. While, financial aspect is also one of the main reasons.

Altruistic surrogacy also takes place in which a woman does it out of passions rather than anything else. Surrogacy is only bound by the threads of custom and tradition that do not allow such pro-creation practice. However, with time these obstacles have also been overcome. The ethical and moral issues are in the favor of surrogacy as they once were because have to realize the development that are taking place, while both sides are getting gains out of the transaction if it can be called that for the husband and wife emotional and surrogate mother financial. With countries around the world making surrogacy legal, there are few countries that can still consider it an illegal procedure. So, prenatal adoption is a win-win situation for everybody. This ways everyone get what they want and how they want it. It is one way of ensuring homes for children of teenage mothers who are not doing well enough to provide for their own children. Surrogacy has played an important role in pre-natal adoption that allows couples, families and surrogate mothers to gain from the medical procedure. While, it has been one of the most needed advancements in medical science in a long time. It ensures harmony and peace for all those involved in the process