September 21, 2023

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The Month of Libra, 2008

As with all Cardinal Leadership Signs, we know that a new season is beginning. Libra is ready to start off Autumn upon the Equinox through it’s air guidance, granting the intellect and ideas a direction. With it’s ruling planet Venus, those influenced by the Scales are on a constant quest in life for balance, beauty and fairness.

The typical Libra native displays a charming, friendly, harmonious, idealistic, and diplomatic nature. Always a stead-fast judge, they are innate in seeing both sides of any issue. If those Scales become tipped in any way- they can fall to indecisiveness, vanity, insincerity, drama, and inconsistencies. One way a Libra can keep in check is always to be in full awareness of the relationship they first have with themselves before those with others.

The Zodiac House that Libra’s energy rules in the birth chart is the 7th of Partnerships/Marriage. This is the area of life in our chart that denotes how we desire to relate to any of our close and most intimate relationships, and the sign here also will point to the ultimate compatibility for the native. Looking to how the Zodiac Wheel may spin in any individual birth chart, the House Libra falls in is the area of life where they will see a harmonious and pleasure seeking nature behind all they do. Any planets that may be placed in Libra at the time of birth also take on their innate expression through the qualities of this peaceful and relationship-oriented sign.

Libra is our second cardinal and air sign upon the Zodiac Wheel. The collective naturally gravitates to coupled activities as the fall season begins upon the equinox. With the beauty of Venus as Libra’s ruler, the month urges us to spent time in pleasurable activities, romantic affairs and being fair! No other sign is more attuned to justice as a Libra innately knows how to ideally weigh both sides of the issue at hand.

Mercury visits his final Retrograde period of 2008 from 9/24 to 10/15. The Messenger will take a spin backwards through comparative Libra asking us to REassess our definition of diplomacy; ideally taking this period to engage in persuasive acts spirited with intuitive flashes. No doubt the world at large will be presented with negotiations that require a polished response. The Libra piece of your Zodiac pie points to where to watch for those communication mishaps and strive for extra understanding.

Mars enters transformational Scorpio upon the 10/3 and 10/4. The Universal urge to be perceptive and reveal secrets will be ultimately strong; while one should be aware of the tendency to swing to authoritative attitudes and insatiable desires. The Scorpio ruled area of the birth chart points to where one can anticipate powerful and passionate drive over the 6 weeks Mars visits the sign of regeneration.

Venus joins the Sun in Scorpio’s energy on 9/23 for 3 weeks. As the romantic planet now journeys with the Eagle, expect flattery, luxury, and purification to be at the core of value related matters, allowing revaluations of one’s experiences to emerge. Checking the area Scorpio affects you will be the slice of life that the potentials of mystery and deep change through renewed values can be brought to until 10.18.

May your start of Autumn ’08 be full of harmonic relations from the wisdom of seeking to understand others.