September 21, 2023

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The Mystery of Money

Money is the medium of exchange, a means whereby we are rewarded for our labour. Money is the means by which we exchange our goods or services for others with convenience that is acceptable to all and sundry. Money is not evil, the love of it may be the root of evil. Money in itself is neither good nor bad. One thing is sure however, “money answers all things”

Some people have said that money is life, since according to their reasoning, your money determines the type of lifestyle you will lead, it determines the kinds of company you will keep and so many things. Your money has a lot to do with your life, and one way or the other, there is something mysterious about money. Every time I look at people in this world, I found out that the most hard working people are not the richest; the most intelligent people sometimes suffer lack of money. I am humbled to see seemingly un-serious people becoming rich, some street boys hitting millions as a result of success in sports, internet biz or music.

I begin to notice that money has an underlining power which is attractable only by those who understand it. Those who become rich do so with little or no effort. It seem to me that they understand how to attract money, they know how to use money to make more money. Many people that were brilliant in school have ended up becoming poor and some who were regarded as dull in school, have become stupendously rich to the admiration of even the brilliant ones. Some of the former dullards have become employers of the brilliant ones.

Why is money so mysterious? What is the secret behind money acquisition? If you desire to make cool money in large quantity, you need a good understanding of the answers to the above questions. Why do some people struggle all their lives to make money but end up being broke or even poor? I do not claim to have answers to all these question, but I want to suggest the following points which I believe can help anyone understand the mystery of money, and how to get wealth without struggling in life.

The first fact I came to understand in my research about money is the fact that money is a spirit. The fact that the Bible says that it can develop wings and fly away gives credence to this assertion. Since money is a spirit, it answers only to those who can woo it. It is liken to wisdom which you can acquire by desire, and by seeking with all your heart the knowledge that brings understanding and eventual wisdom. So you have to understand that there is a right and wrong way to seek for money.

Many people are truly looking for money, they may have good intention but some of them are seeking money the wrong way and so can not be rich. The fact is this, money flows to a good idea. The beginning of a good desire for wealth should be the generation of a good idea that has the proper foundation in helping other people to become better in life. If you have an idea that can help someone solve a problem, an idea that can help someone live better, happier, and with more convenience, then money will flow into that idea in large quantity making you a wealthy man or woman in the process.

Money does not discriminate, handsome and beautiful people who knows how to court money will have it and at the same time, ugly and handicapped people who knows how to will also have their fill. I have seen so many deformed people control millions of dollars and have on their pay roll able bodied, intelligent and handsome men. Whoever you are, black or white, the same principles apply; gone are the days when the white men think that black men were inferior. Money does not answer to the color of your skin, it answers to the desire of your heart and your understanding of the law of money acquisition. It does not answer to your level of literacy either, it answers to your ability to produce goods or services that others can use to their own advantage.

How do you begin to accumulate great wealth?

The starting point is a hot desire for money. You cannot acquire what you do not desire. With this burning desire, you must also have it settled in your heart what you are willing to do to get the wealth you so fondly desire. In other words, what are you willing to do, what are you willing to give to the world, to humanity, as a service or as a product? If you do not have anything to give, any worthy cause to give your time and life to, then I am sorry to inform you that you are not ready for wealth, and to you money will continue to be a mystery, a mirage in the desert.

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