December 8, 2023

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Top Credit Repair Companies

You are suffering from financial problems and need a loan? You need capital for your professional or personal needs? For all this you will have to maintain your credit score. If the score is below acceptable level you will be denied loans and advances. You can yourself increase his score and make a good standing for yourself in the market. However, if you are not good at it, there are many companies that provide specialized services and help you with bad credit repair.

There are ‘n’ number of such companies all over US. However, to help you we have listed down top best credit repair agencies in the rank order.

1. Lexington Law

• Experience: 20years

• Clients: 500,000+

• Cost: $99.90set up to $49.95 mo

• 22 lawyers serving in 16 states

• A discount of 450for couples

• Excellent record- no unresolved matters

• Call for free consultation – 1 – 800 – 244 – 0432

Review of services provided by Lexington:

This is the topmost preferred choice when it comes to bad credit repair. Since the past 19 years it is considered as the leader of this industry. Within 3 months on an average they remove around 8.7 and 28.6 in around 12 months.

2. Sky Blue:

• Experience: 22 years

• Money back guarantee – 100%

• Cost: $ 49 setup and $49 mo

• Rating: A+ BBB

• Discount for couples

Review of services provided by Sky Blue:

Affordable, simple and effective results. As simple as their name.

3. DSI Solutions:

Experience: 10 years

Cost: set up $19 – $89 3 payments

Review of services provided by Sky Blue:

This is the only organization that also gets your credit report for you and thus reduces your burden. You can either pay them once or pay them in two installments.

4. MSI Credit solution:

• Experience: 10 years

• Cost: Customized cost

• Free consultation

Review of services provided by MSI:

Customized service and plan for every client. They also have customized rates for clients.

5. Ovation Credit services:

• Experience: 6 years

• Cost: Initial fees- $87 and monthly fees $37

• No refund

• Discount of up to 20% for couples

Review of services provided by Ovation:

Excellent and affordable service and discusses the details with you.

6. Consumer Credit Capital:

Cost: $49 / month

Set up fees: NA

Long term contracts: NA

Free repair plans and consultation

Review of services provided by CCC:

A trustworthy and effective credit repair agency. Payment after completion of services. For free plan call on: 877-879-1177

7. Credit Assistance Network:

• Experience: 6 years

• Money Back guarantee

• Tracking service: 24/7

• Rating: A BBB

• Discussion one on one

• For free consultation call on 1 -888-792- FICO

Review of services provided by CAN:

It is a small company and has a more personalized approach. If you need individual attention and affordability, you can opt for this.

These are the top credit repair companies that help you in bad credit repair. Hope this article helps you to choose the right service provider for you.