September 22, 2023

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What Have You Learned As an Artist That You Can Teach to Teen Artists?

For those who work as artists, well they are doing something they love and if they are making money at it and earning a living, this is a wonderful thing indeed. Often it is fun to ask artists what they have learned about their creative talents and artistic endeavors, or as one lead educational artist recently asked:

What do you believe is the most important lesson you ever learned about practicing your art and what can art mentors and teachers due to make sure that young artists can harness these talents?

Most Important; perhaps, I’d say we must realize that creative genius should not be stifled due to political correctness or to achieve social status with the mob (clicks in school or online). When teens have that creative spark, go with it, see where it leads, without pre-judgment, allowing it to flow.

Diplomacy is the art of letting other people get your way. We should not tell students so much as ask them to continually re-evaluate what they are doing, thus, they will be making their own decisions with their own reasoning as to what’s right. Put trust in them, do not be so quick to judge, you’d be surprised how great these young people are, don’t sell them short.

In writing I’ve found it is very easy to allow differences of opinion of those who are critical of your work to cause you to hold short, this is so unfortunate. Also undeserved praise can be a problem too, there are all sides to this spectrum.

Most importantly in all of this – I’d say that the issue of negative bio-feedback is the biggest challenge to young artists, and this is where strength of character and self-esteem is needed, along with perhaps a bit of “earned ego” as it’s okay believe in self, artists must be strong and always strive to do better. Well, those are my thoughts, but what do you think?