September 21, 2023

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Who Are the False Prophets of the Bible?

False prophets are referred to many times in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament where the Spirit speaks. In the course of my research following my reincarnation many things came to light that stand out in the belief systems. The first of these has to be the expectation of an afterlife in heaven or hell. Knowing that these places do not exist made the identification of the false prophets unmistakable, but the evidence had to be gathered.

Religions are based on prophets who all proclaim heaven and hell to be in existence. The question is why? What is it about the threat of eternal punishment versus the glory of a forever life in heaven that makes them so appealing?

To begin with hell has horror written all over it. During the course of centuries, it has been enhanced with various visions of fire and brimstone to frighten anyone out of complacency. That means they adhere to the teachings of religious principles governed by their imagined visions of what will happen to them after death.

To discover the root of these weapons of control my research took me back to sun worship and the first religion born of it – Islam. Most expect that this is a modern religion that started with the Muslims. That’s wrong! It started at the beginning and ‘Islam’ is the same as ‘Is-ma-l, the so-called son of Abraham.

‘I-s-l-m’ means ‘eye of light-god mother’. It can and was written in various ways, such as ‘I-s-m-l’ or ‘Ismal’, eye of light mother god’. This goes along with the earliest symbols and first recorded writings.

The home of Islam is Babylon and here images were made to represent the sun as a woman, Isis or Mary. The latter means ‘mother-powerful eye’. Every king since has used this image to start a new religion or maintain an old one.

Constantine established the Catholic Church based on Jesus Christ and Mary. His false prophet is a metaphor for Krishna, the third Person of the Vedic Trinity, which was the result of another king’s false prophet.

The false prophets of Jerusalem are Mohammed, Jesus Christ, and David. They are versions of prophets that delivered kings their divine rights. People were tortured, exiled, and murdered if they did not worship and follow their ‘teachings’. The Catholic Church murdered more people than all the wars put together, since it started. The Muslims and Jews have done likewise in their brainwashed state of expectation of heaven and hell.

“My heart within me is broken, because of the prophets… For both prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith God.” Jeremiah 23:9,11